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Quick Note to my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Customers!
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Quick Note to my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Customers!

So, as I am working through getting the new website up and running, I am learning that I had my shipping all wrong... Things you learn doing it yourself, check Shipping off as a priority!

You should be able to order without excessive shipping now.... 

Today was a crazy busy day in the Mustard Seed Lady's Life at the shop. Customers picking up furniture, customers buying furniture, orders coming in, and website updates. Thank you Jesus for the furniture business today!

Here in Ocala, sometimes I feel like its the Walking Dead Series, as the downtown Ocala streets are just absolutely baron. Its so sad... Our downtown has really grown and is still growing, however, its still so darn dead some days. Hence the reason for making sure the shop is accessible online to you all! :)

One day soon, I really do intend on getting the whole shop on the website, I promise. 

On a side note, I have been struggling with what to make for dinner using chicken thighs...Can anyone help me out here? 

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