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The Mustard Seed Collection, The Seed
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First post-The Mustard Seed Lady

First post-The Mustard Seed Lady

This is supposed to be my first post, and well, I have never thought of myself as a blogger. So, here you go, you have me, The Mustard Seed Lady. This is who you get. You get a woman who left a career in the corporate tech industry working with small businesses and consumers for 20 years. First off, I really cant believe I am that old already?

When did I grow up again? Not Sure...

Anywho... I got off topic as I do often, left the tech industry and bought an antique store. Yup I did. Spent some cash I came into and bought it.  

Now today, 5 years later; I am The Mustard Seed Collection Lady. I collect cool old stuff, meet tons of great and most of the time the funniest and best people on the planet. I also refurbish old, like 50-100 year old stuff, and make it new again.

I travel all over the USA, to gather and collect with my main squeeze, Tracy and lots of the time with my youngest daughter, Lexie as well. We search for the things we cant live without and are useful in our lives. I am a Utilitarian at heart, and have the need to make everything in my possession useful somehow. 

In trying to stay on topic of who you get, who's blogging, and who's behind this get The Mustard Seed Lady who loves to teach, and see growth in people in any facet of their lives, which is why doing workshops in the shop excites me so much! Stay tuned...

You also get a believer who can get very frustrated and down in life when negativity swarms around. I don't like people who are greedy and try to stunt growth in others for their own personal gain. I have little respect for no respect given no matter the age. 

You also have The Mustard Seed Lady who struggles with self confidence in her work, and self every day. The birth of a new day usually always gets me out of bed to do better and better every day. I am a doer. I don't like to be behind, and I love to win a self battle. Yup... I love to win and be liked, yet who doesn't, really? So, I say lets allll win! Lets all be Kind, Gracious, and WIN!

Okay, so I am sure that's enough about me...until the next post ... Have  Great One!

p.s. I am a HUGE Goof Ball


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